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Birtday party limo


Are you tired of the same old birthday party, with the same old games, and the same enormous mess to clean up at the end of the festivities? What sort of mood do you want to set for your birthday celebration? Festive, romantic, or elegant, Los Angeles Birthday limousine Service will help you turn an ordinary birthday party into a memorable adventure sure to make the birthday person feel like a celebrity.
An excellent alternative to the traditional birthday party, renting a limo from Los Angeles Birthday Limo Service moves the party out of your house to out on the town. Children and adults alike will enjoy the experience of a rock star celebrity party, and that feeling that comes with a chauffeur driven limousine.
Imagine the excitement as a stretch SUV limo picks up your child from school at the end of the day ready to take a group of close friends on an adventure. No matter the age, your child will love being chauffeured from one favorite spot, to another, and then on to the next. Make it even more festive by decorating the limo and filling it with party favors ahead of time! Just riding in an SUV stretch limo sets the mood for fun! How about planning a romantic evening with someone you love? The evening could begin with a stretch limousine ride to a spa, masseuse, or other favorite pampering spot. Plan to end the evening at favorite restaurant, favorite shopping spot, or possibly the place where you first met. The stretch limousine sets the tone for romance and elegance.
Another idea is a cocktail crawl. Load up the limo with great snacks, great music and great friends, then set out to visit different bars! Try out the bartender’s specialty beverage at each place, and never worry about a designated driver! This is a guaranteed memory maker!

Birthday party limo services

birthdaylimoserviceScavenger hunts are a great birthday adventure at any age. Travel around the city taking pictures of scavenger hunt items (the more crazy, the more fun!). After a specified amount of time, pile back into the limo and share the pics with the rest of the party. Later, when the birthday person visits these places, fond memories of the party will come to mind. It’s a gift full of fun and memories.
How does a movie night sound? Popcorn and Movie in a limousine can add tons of fun to any party. Gifts can be opened while watching a favorite movie and taking an intermission at a favorite sightseeing destination. This is a great way to share an evening with good friends.
With our Birthday Limo Service the possibilities are endless. Take a trip down memory lane by driving from one memorable place to another. Have friends or family prepare a progressive dinner party with the last destination having the birthday cake and gifts. For more glamor, gather up a red carpet for the birthday person to walk on at each destination! Let us know the details and we will help create the perfect evening full of rock star treatment.
Providing snacks, drinks, and party favors in the limo ensures that when the party is over you can return home to rest instead of returning home to clean up. Whatever the age, Los Angeles Birthday Limo Service is the right choice for your birthday celebration.